Hawthorne Residence

This project is a renovation to an existing Vancouver Special for the Hawthorne Charitable Foundation; an organization dedicated to providing affordable housing to the Grandview Woodlands community.

The modifications included: underpinning the existing house, replacing a deteriorated retaining wall, landscaping, a building addition, new doors and windows and modest interior upgrades.

The house provides transitional housing for refugee claimants typically originating from southern climates. Functioning as a portal to a new land, the house sports a vibrant painted exterior reminiscent of the sub tropics.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Completed: 2009
Studio Team: Stephanie Robb (project architect)
Ana Sandrin
Project Team: Pechet and Robb art and architecture ltd.
Ennova Structural Engineers Inc.
Levelton Consultants (geotechnical)
Elisabeth Whitelaw landscape architecture
Photos: Gabe Daly / Stephanie Robb
Distinction: Featured home on 2010 Vancouver Special Homes Tour, Vancouver Heritage Foundation