A selected artists’ call entry for a proposed pedestrian overpass spanning Highway 1 at Tynehead in Surrey. The prominent location of the overpass required that the artist and engineering design team would work collaboratively to produce a showpiece structure. The artwork was required to be memorable, site specific, zero maintenance, and low cost.

In CHUMWAY ubiquitous reflective pavement markers are applied en masse’ to the exterior surface of the bridge in a pattern that evokes the iridescent glint of salmon. A fin-like galvanized steel guardrail furthers the association with fish: their spins and bones. The nearby Tynehead Hatchery raises Coho, Chum and Chinook fry for release into the Serpentine watershed.

(Led by Stephanie Robb for Pechet and Robb art and architecture Ltd.)

Location: Surrey, BC
Client: The City of Surrey
Completed: 2009 (un built)
Studio Team: Stephanie Robb
Gabe Daly
Bill Pechet