11th Avenue Residence

This project is a renovation to an existing 1908 house.  The original building was in excellent shape despite being converted into a rooming house several decades previously.

As a 4 storey wood structure, the house was subject to stringent fire safety requirements that would have destroyed the architectural integrity of the house.  The solution was to have the building use changed from Multiple Conversion Dwelling to a Single Family Residence with a secondary suite.

The original house was left largely intact.  A small section of wall was removed between the main kitchen and dining room; some woodworking was added.  Otherwise the existing elements of the house, such as doors, windows, hardware, wood trim and paneling, floors etc., were restored to perfect working order.

The residence will be featured in the upcoming Heritage House Tour sponsored by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, June 2, 2013.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Completed: 2013
Studio Team: Stephanie Robb (project architect)

Scott Keck

Project Team: Stephanie Robb Architect

Ennova Structural Engineers Inc.

Builder: Heritage Woodworks
Photos: Martin Knowles PhotoMedia
Distinction: 2013, featured home on Vancouver Heritage Foundation Heritage House Tour.